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Friday, November 19, 2004

But it is the economy, stupid

The temptation to title a post HEY BUBBA! and showcase the similarities between the new Clinton library and a singlewide was almost too much to resist. But resist I did, although I may sneak on late tonight and do it anyway.

I really am quite a Clinton fan. Especially in comparison to The Chimperor. Really I am!

But, my better angel won and I will now bore you with economics. Which I know absolutely nothing about but which I talk about anyway.
First, Greenspan --- like we all didn't suspect it anyway --- Greenspan has shown his partisan stripes by waiting until after the election to issue stern warnings about the deficit and the falling dollar. Hopefully everyone has already cashed in their pension plans and 401(K)s, and purchased foreign currency and bonds --- or better, land and a few years' worth of food (for you and the goats and donkeys you'll be needing, once we're all reduced to drawn carts).

If you have a morbid curiosity or an especially strong constitution, you can read about the implications of Greenspan's carefully worded warnings here.

Second, there are some real financial whizzes over at Agonist. While everybody else is gnashing their teeth and wailing and forming lynch mobs, they're actually talking intelligently about these things at Agonist. Check out one such conversation here.

I'll be back a little later --- I have to run into town to get some more rations.


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