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Monday, November 22, 2004

F911, The Economy Stupid and Other Matters

First, if you haven't been following Baghdad Burning and Raed in the Middle, you should. Both chronicle the real face of the war --- not the sanitized, upbeat portrayal we in America are getting --- but the real thing by people who are living it.

Next, via Agonist, what happens if the dollar doesn't fall? This follows their discussion last night (and several discussions over the past few weeks) about the possibility that bankrupting the economy might be the perfect way for Bush to get his hands on Social Security, and do so with the blessing of the Republicans.

However, possibly in response to Various Glum Reports and the Greenspan Panic ...

It appears the dollar --- and a number of economists and brokerage houses and whatnot are reversing themselves --- and the dollar is rising. Morgan Stanley has a positively breathy and chipper outlook today, in stark contrast to their glum mood last week. You can find more links over at Agonist, along with lots of witty international repartee and incomprehensible analysis by people who actually do finance for a living.

And finally --- I have not yet seen Fahrenheit 9/11. In response to my students' complaints about my Ludditeness, however, I ordered it (and the Harry Potter and Matrix movies) last week. It just arrived. So I'm taking the rest of the evening off to watch it and devil my doggies no end.

I'll report back with my thoughts later. As if you really care. But I care. So there.


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