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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Gardening and finance

I've finally had my morning quota of coffee and will be spending the rest of the day pulling old manure-laden straw out of the barn.

This straw (and manure) will be dumped in several gardens plots and in the coldframe I've put together in the greenhouse. Those who don't know about the method of gardening known as lasagna really ought to check it out. This year, I grew bushels and bushels and bushels of tomatoes in the tiniest plot, thanks to lasagna gardening, and have some of the biggest echinacea I've ever grown still in that plot.

Although I've always been quite the gardener, the current economic and political situations have given me even more reason to indulge my fave hobby. Right before the elections, I noticed how quickly the price of fresh fruits and veggies was rising at the stores. Couple that with the cost of wood and steel going skyhigh (something I keep an eye on, thanks to my predilection for threatening to build all kinds of things here) and my own concerns over the deficit, and I'm doing some nail-biting.

I've never been particularly financially savvy, but I started keeping a watch out for economic forecasts. And the whole thing sent me into a panic the month before the election.

So I did what any sensible person would do: I purchased some $50 worth of seeds and began making more gardens. I also bought even more blueberry bushes and have selected elderberries and grapes to plant next spring. I already have Niagras going, and will complement them with some nice Concords.

So I'm off to garden for the day. When I return, I'll have a few choice words about Matrix (sorry but I think it sucks!) and Harry Potter (d00d!), and will be on the hunt for some good foreign films to keep me happy.


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