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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Is The American Dream Dying?

Wonderful article by Fred Block of The Rockridge Institute. Block has summarized information from a number of studies, all pointing to trouble ahead for America. I've posted some snippets from the article, but the entire thing (and all of its subsections) are well worth reading.

The Radical Right and the Bush administration adamantly deny there is a major disconnect between our perceived quality of life and what is actually happening to an increasing number of people. Block notes:
There are also studies showing that the United States now has lower rates of mobility out of poverty than countries like Germany. Not only are children at much higher risk of growing up in poverty in the United States, but more of them are doomed to remain in poverty. [...] There is now a huge gap between those living at the poverty line and the resources needed to experience the Dream [...] While this is a huge problem for the poor, it extends well beyond their ranks. Somewhere between 37% and 45% of all families in the United States are falling below the [poverty] line.

The cost of childcare and healthcare alone are enough to sink a young family. Add to that the rising costs of food and gas, and any extra money which might otherwise be set aside in a savings account has vanished. The education necessary for moving into higher income brackets is quickly becoming inaccessible to all but a few. Block notes the circular nature of our history, as the country returns to the exact same sociocultural environment which drove so many Americans to these shores in the first place:
We are back to the old European model in which children end up doing the same work as their parents.

Exactly. And, no doubt, the divine right of the monarchy is right behind. Or already here.

Read the article here.


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