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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Let's talk about food

While driving to the store this morning, I listened to an NPR show about food, including an interview with Morgan Spurlock of Supersize Me! fame. Now, being a luddite, I know very little about the film. But last month, I read an article in Harvard Magazine entitled The Way We Eat Now. Good article --- everyone should read it.

Food is something I think about a lot. And, although Supersize Me! has resulted in a backlash of cheeto-eating, Barcalounger proportions (see The Supersize Con), I contend there's more than a little truth to it.

I was a fast food junkie some years ago. I also had migraines almost weekly and an amazing array of digestive complaints. Not to mention, what happened to my waistline. Then, I became a vegetarian and all my complaints vanished --- except that my immunity became pretty sucky after a year or so, and my hypoglycemia went wild.

So vegetarianism was tossed aside as I gave into my overwhelming cravings for meat. Nothing makes me feel better than meat. Except grapes. And tomatoes. And coffee. And that great farmer's cheese at the Coop. And ...

Okay, there's a lot of food I like. But that's besides the point.

While in grad school, I became panicked about my health. My sister had just been diagnosed diabetic, I come from a long line of diabetics and I was totally freaked out that I was next. So I went low carb. Which did curb my blood sugar for a long time.

But low carb can get pretty boring. Not to mention, there came a point at which it just didn't really curb my blood sugar anymore. So I chucked low carb. And I sat down and thought about it. And I considered the fact that all of my grandparents (except one) was diabetic --- my aunts and uncles were all diabetics --- most of my family has had blood sugar problems at some point. But they all lived to be very old and controlled their blood sugar by doing one thing: eating simple basic plain ordinary everyday homemade meals. Meat and vegetables. Nothing fancy, just good homemade food.

So that's what I decided to do. Plain ordinary homemade meals. And since abandoning all the diets and tossing all the theories and changing over to just plain homemade food, my health has only gotten better. And my sanity has certainly improved.

I now eat fried potatoes. But they're homemade fried potatoes, often cooked without fat at all, but instead grilled with sweet onion -- lots of sweet onion -- and home grown peppers.

I've begun planting fruit here, to satisfy my sweet tooth. I have a blueberry patch started and grapes out back, and will be planting elderberry this spring. And sweet tomatoes.

So --- well, so there's that. I can't remember the point of writing this. But it's already too long anyway. Besides, it's time for lunch.


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