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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Medievalism indeed

Okay, so I'm not entirely absent from the blog. I knew this would happen, that I would run upon something which i just had to post here as soon as I warned of my absence.

And boy is it good and boy do I wish i didn't have a mountain of rough drafts (several of which are plagiarized) to grade and correct. Because it's hitting on yet another topic, besides Tom Coburn and the economy and the state of the environment and sustainable agriculture and our not so subtle movement toward corporate fascism.

And that is our collapse --- or is that regression? --- into a pre-Enlightenment state of mind.

And Chris Bowers of Due Diligence has done a nice job of starting to approach the subject. Go to his site and read Creeping Medievalism. It's complete with links. Worth your time.

And now I'm back to grading correcting. And there is nothing at the More here ... link. Go read Due Diligence, including his links. Good stuff.


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