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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

New movies

I'm a bit of a luddite in my own way. This has become especially apparent in recent days, thanks to the smart ass remarks of various friends. But the final humiliation came when one of my students blurted out "You really need to see some new movies." To which I could only respond "But movies cost so much and I have chickens to worry about!"

Which, of course, I didn't mean to say (at least, not out loud) and which, of course, led me to conclude maybe I do need to see some new movies.

So Tuesday evening,, I got online and got a couple Matrix movies - well, DVDs - and Harry Potter. And Fahrenheit 911, which I haven't yet seen because the closest movie theatre is somewhere between 30-50 miles away and besides, I have chickens. Dependng on how this goes, I may spring for a couple more DVDs, too.


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