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Sunday, November 28, 2004

North versus South

I may have 40 essays to grade by tomorrow --- a refrigerator to pull out into the living room --- walls to paint --- and who the heck are those people out on my property cutting up that tree that fell?

I mean, it's fine with me. In the cities, it would cost a good $800-1500 to get that big old thing cut up and hauled away. But still, I wish they would have asked me. Or are they the neighbors who brought me that nice plate of home cured ham a few days ago?

In any case, I may have too much to do and not enough time to do it, but I've just wasted an entire morning over at Kos fighting the North versus South battle.

And I swear, some people just don't want to get it. The issue isn't persuading bigots. Screw the bigots.

The issue is the disenfanchised, the people who no longer even bother to vote.

I live in a county with 75% registered Democrats --- one or two counties over is 90% registered Democrats. But they're not only not voting Democratic anymore --- they're not voting at all.

And they're not voting at all because they're disenfranchised. And they're not disenfranchised by accents or education or hairdoes.

These are rural people who have always been rural. In many cases, the land they're on has been in their families for generations. They're farmers and small ranchers, many who literally hunt for their lunches. More than a few --- the majority perhaps? --- are more than a little *not white.*

And the corporations are starting to creep in and they know it. They know their futures and their children's futures are being jeopardized by agribusiness and suburban sprawl and wealthy Texans moving up and putting in huge *resort* developments.

Their entire way of life is in danger. But nobody wants to talk about them.

Instead, they want to talk about bigots.

Which means, come 2008, these people still won't be voting.

The point is, let the Republicans have the bigots. They should be none of our concern. But maybe we ought to be thinking about the disenfranchised and find some way to make a platform inclusive of them.


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