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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Pardon me while I grade

Posting will be sparse over the next week or so. Finals are here and I am up to my neck in grading essays and exams.

This is disappointing for me, as I am positively rabid right now over deciding on a new source of heating --- I've boiled my choices down to a pellet or corn stove. Any and all wood stoves are out of the question. Having gone through a fire last summer, I'm especially concerned about safety --- and unfortunately, wood stoves don't have the best record, at least not in comparison to pellet and corn stoves.

And deciding on a new heating source gives me such a great opportunity to come on here and rail about environmentally friendly choices for your home. But it will have to wait.

Not to mention, there's lots of juicy news out there, and I'm chomping at the bit to get the stories on here. But the consequence would be lots of misspellings and poorly formed sentences and airhead commentary from me. So best to just say I won't be here very much for a week or so --- but when I return, anticipate a chatterbox attack.


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