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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Radical Right to Moderates: Buzz Off!

Although the election was a mere two weeks ago, the radicals are already flexing muscle -- and sure, we all know subtlely and diplomacy aren't high on the list of their perceived *values* --- but still.

First, it was the charge led by various right wing advocacy groups on Arlen Specter. Hitt at Wall Street Journal noted:
Almost immediately after the election, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, a leading figure among evangelical activists, began urging supporters to pressure Senate Republicans not to elevate Mr. Specter. Calls from activists across the country are now flooding switchboards on Capitol Hill. "In Dr. Dobson's view, Arlen Specter is not fit to be the chairman, seniority tradition aside," Ms. Gordon Earll says.

Concerned Women of America announced that moderate Republicans need to hit the door, and fast, because they're no longer welcome in the party. And Stephen Moore of the Club for Growth stated unequivocally“They will learn to conform to our agenda or they will be driven from our party."

And now Kos is noting the passage of a new rule passed for the specific purpose of marginalizing the moderates. The rule sounds innocent enough at first glance. But go to Kos and read about it. It's a lot of things, but innocent isn't one of them.


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