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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Rob Schumacher on the inevitable in Iraq

Schumacher is an active duty Navy dude who gets it. If only our *fearless* leaders had a whit of his good old fashioned common sense and military integrity.

This is how the atricities in Vietnam started. We cycle these guys through combat, push 'em out there with obvious psychological scars, tacitly condone stuff like Abu Ghraib, "unofficially" whip up a feeling of the Iraqi's (any and all of 'em) being the enemy...and we get murderers instead of soldiers.


This, Mr. President, is why we should not go to war unless it's justified to the utmost. The Iraq war set this man up for failure; it's an inevitible product of war, and should be a consideration in the decision to take our nation to war. There is a far higher cost than even world prestige or political position. The cost I refer to is borne by people on the ground in these wars.

The issue that got my blood boiling was a conversation I overheard between a caller and Michael Medved on the radio (Medved is a Rush Limbaugh style conservative talk show host on the radio.) Medved's caller was a former combat Marine who felt that this Marine who shot an unarmed possible insurgent (who Medved felt may have been rigged with explosives) should be held accountable, and if he was guilty should face murder charges. Medved took the caller to task for not supporting the operations on the ground, insisted that the Marine was justified in killing any and all insurgents because they might be booby-trapped, and went so far as to tell this former combat Marine that his combat experience (Vietnam and Desert Storm) didn't qualify him to analyze the situation. Medved further hinted this guy was un-patriotic, didn't undertand combat (Medved felt he did, though he's never served in the military) and berated this guy for placing the life of Iraqi insurgents above American lives (which he clearly did not do.)

Though he's a conservative (and pretty far to the right) I'd listened to Medved before, as he usually seemed reasonable and pretty well informed. His views lately, especially in this regard, have really turned me off to him. He actually had the audacity to call this Marine (the one who shot the unarmed Iraqi) a "hero" and "patriot"; he somehow equates killing an unarmed prisoner with a gunshot to the head at point blank range (with the prisoner on the floor, weaponless and in custody) with American heroism.

More here.


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