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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Weather and financial predictions

We haven't yet had a freeze --- and may not til February, if The Farmer's Almanac has predicted correctly, which they usually do. Despite that, our winter fog storms have begun, meaning I can't see the cows across the road because I can't see that far. Someday, I'll figure out the difference between winter fog storms, and spring, summer and fall fog storms.

But not today. Today I'm combing the financial news and picking out the most glum predictions to see if I can set off a market panic, even though it's Saturday and the markets are closed.

The Day reports that what we have on our hands is A Bad Economic Scene.

The Motley Fool by contrast has nothing to say about the economy, except on their bulletin boards, where there's a good old fashioned flame war brewing here.

And Economist.com has decided to join the melee by announcing The world is set to jump off the top of a waterfall without knowing how deep the water is below. Oh dear, that doesn't sound too promising.


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