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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Weekend Economic Roundup

You know that it's getting dicey when even Freepers can't agree on the consequences of a falling dollar, huge deficit and out of control consumer debt. On another radical right board --- sorry, but I seem to have blocked any memory of the URL, as the board is inhabited by Christian Zionists and fascists --- I discovered Bush supporters are claiming this trio of financial dilemmas is fantastic because tourism will boom (wonderful for those working at Disneyworld, I suppose) and besides, Bush is doing this on purpose as part of a cleverly disguised financial plan to make us all rich.

Right. Yes. I believe that.

Meanwhile, New York Times ... is demonstrating its greater belief in the real world by voicing concerns over all the foreign investors sneaking out the back door. The one bit of good news is that interest rates will likely rise --- but that's only good news for those of us who already live on a cash-only basis.

Come on, people, cut up those credit cards and pay them off. Now.

As for me, my attention is now divided between the gardens and energy. Meaning I will likely finally spring for that wood stove I've been threatening to get for several years now. I'll be spending the day today pulling out my old clunker energy hog refrigerator and dryer in preparation for the arrival of smaller, energy efficient appliances. Not to mention, I've finally sprung for heavy drapes --- jacquard chenille, with lovely voile panels beneath, replacing my wooden blinds --- which are lovely, but leak like sieves! All paid for in cash.

If you're even thinking about using credit cards right now, stop it. Now.

The next step --- getting serious about going solar and putting a new pump and a windmill on the well. Cisterns are looking like a good idea, as well.

Mind you, although the feds are continuing to pussyfoot around all this, others are sounding the alarm. And still others are not simply sounding the alarm --- they're screeching that the emperor has no clothes.

Cut up those credit cards and start that garden.


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Cheesus Crust said...

Dude, Bush totally is trying to make us rich! That's why so many people are unemployed or working jobs below the living wage... oh wait.


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