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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Wingers & Truth

Yet again, we find wingers playing fast and loose with the truth, this time in the form of one David Yeagley, columnist for David Horowitz's Front Page Magazine, self-proclaimed enrolled Comanche, purported expert on All Things Indian and darling of the Radical Right.

But who is David Yeagley? He's not, as he claims, a professor at University of Oklahoma. He also is not, as he claims, author of the only epic poem of the 20th Century. A quick google turns up a healthy list of 20th C American epic poems and more than a few 20th C epic poems by internationally recognized authors, such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

More telling, perhaps, is that Yeagley appears to not only not know a whole lot about contemporary tribal life, but he doesn't know and is not recognized by any other Oklahoma Indians - including Comanches.


Shawn Harjo of Indian Country Today commented on Yeagley's claims of being an Indian patriot:

The closest he's been to war was a visit in 2001 to the Museum of the U.S. Army 45th Infantry Division in Oklahoma City. He wrote about the "Indian signs and emblems" there, but missed the myriad images of real Indian people.

My father's picture is displayed in that Museum as one of the WWII Indian Thunderbirds from Company C (for Chilocco Indian School). Most of them were wounded or killed in North Africa and Southern Europe, and were highly decorated for valor and heroism. Dad also is a member of the Red Sticks Society of Muscogee (Creek) Nation combat veterans.

In addition to being a warrior and patriot, my father wants sports teams to retire their Indian-related names and images. This puts him in the category of Indians Yeagley belittles and calls names. But, Yeagley's gum flapping about war and patriotism and what is offensive to Indians are puny indeed beside the real thing.

Yeagley wrote that he came away from the Thunderbird Museum "feeling like one small and unworthy man." On this one point, Yeagley is right on the money.

Yup. And so, just like so many other shrieking commandoes of the Radical Right --- we find that The Emperor Has No Clothes.


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