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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Day Three

I'm going on Day Three of quitting smoking, and it's going well, except I'm going to have to throw out the tub of crackers I got for Christmas because I started eating them last night and couldn't stop and now I have a cracker hangover but I can't just toss them out for the birds, because all the critters (and there's a lot of them) would come running up here and move in but the dogs (who'll eat anything) won't touch them so I'm dumping them in the trash.

*deep breath*

But the real problem today is that it's ten degrees outside and it got down even lower last night. So I had to turn the propane on because the furnace is propane. See, we don't have natural gas lines out here yet. But propane stinks to high heaven --- it smells like mice, at least to me. It's just hideous stuff.

And I can't turn the propane off because we're going to get even colder tonight and I don't want all the water pipes to explode.

I have got to get a wood stove or pellet stove in here as quickly as possible. The problem is deciding which. See, pellet stoves require electricity to run, meaning you don't really save any money in the long run --- besides, they're pricey, usually running a thousand or up for a nice one. But, they're very, very safe, unlike wood stoves.

But wood stoves don't require any electric to run and can be pretty inexpensive. For a year or so, I've been looking at this little fellow. I can get him around here for $100-120, and I have enough wood around this place to keep it running for --- for years.

I think the time has come to decide. This propane stuff is just ghastly --- not to mention, expensive. And I want to get this place as energy efficient and self-sustaining as possible --- and NOT because I'm one of those Apocalyptic types. No 'Left Behind' scenarios for me, buster!!!! I just think it's something we all should do.

Decisions, decisions.


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