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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Friends and Hope

I received a note this morning from a very conservative Christian friend expressing concern that she and I might lose touch with one another. You see, she and I belonged to a group, an online farming group, and quite naturally became friends. We're amazingly alike, sharing similar backgrounds and interests and concerns. Even beyond those things we shared, however, I developed respect for her because she is singlehandedly raising a profoundly autistic girl --- and she adopted this girl, knowing perfectly well what she was getting herself into.

I always knew she's a conservative Christian --- and she always knew I'm very liberal. But it never mattered. She's of the old fashioned variety of Christian, the kind who believe their actions and words do matter, that we will be known by our fruits, and that beating people about the head and shoulders in self-righteous fury is as wrong as wrong can be, not only because her God isn't a god of hatred, but because she knows it isn't her place to judge --- she's not God and doesn't pretend she is.

She's what I consider a true Christian, in other words.

In any case, one day, I looked up to realize the group had been flooded by especially noxious Radical Right types --- truly evil people --- and my friend was nowhere to be seen. So, some months ago, after posting a message asking where she was and getting no reply and setting the stage for my departure by launching assault posts on the Nut Squad who'd taken over the board, I simply left.

Then, I received a note from her last night asking where I was and explaining she'd lost internet access some months ago, due to a lightning storm. And I responded quite honestly - I said that I had missed her terribly, but that the people who had taken over the board were, IMO, insane and dangerous and toxic, and I wanted nothing to do with them and their vile pronouncements upon the heads of anyone who isn't a Dominionist or Reconstructionist or Zionist or Whatever They're Calling Themselves Christian.

I assumed I wouldn't hear back from her - she'd said she'd run a search on my name, so I knew she had seen posts I'd made calling these so-called Christians 'Instruments of Satan' (he he :=D ) and worse. And although I knew her to be what I consider a true Christian, I figured her greater allegiance would likely be with The Nut Squad.

But it isn't. Her response to me was that I am one of her true friends and she doesn't want to lose touch with me, and she continued with a lengthy and chatty account of her last few months.

And this gives me hope, not only because she's my friend --- but because every time I see what I believe to be a real Christian diverging from the path of the monsters who've hijacked the country, I see us as a country moving a little further away from the craziness and a little more closely to sanity and justice and all of those things we pride ourselves on being.


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