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Monday, December 20, 2004

Geronimo Reborn: Osama bin Laden

Mr. bin Laden's attempt to engage Americans is occurring while his message to drive the United States out of the Muslim world is resonating with those among the 1.2 billion Muslims who believe the Qaeda leader eloquently expresses their anger over the foreign policies of the United States and Israel.

From here:

"The most crushing blow in Geronimo's life came in 1858 when he returned home to find his wife, mother, three children and 25 other Apaches killed by the Mexican Army. Debo says Geronimo organized three bands of Apaches to fight the Mexicans: the Bedonkohes under Mangas Coloradas; the Chiricahuas under Cochise; and the Nednais, under Juh, his brother-in-law. Geronimo himself led the fight because he had lost the most in the Mexican raid.

This was the beginning of years of raids against the Mexicans, and when Mangas Coloradas was murdered, Geronimo and the Bedonkohes became part of the Chiricahuas.


By 1875, the United States government believed that Geronimo was directly responsible for all the various raids and uprisings in the New Mexico and Arizona area. This action prompted the relocation of at least 4,000 Apaches, including Geronimo, to the San Carlos Reservation, about 150 miles north of their home.

Geronimo fled into Mexico but was soon arrested and returned to San Carlos. For a period of five years, the attacks on settlers diminished. But in 1881, both Juh and Geronimo escaped form the San Carlos Reservation and began to terrorize their enemies once again.

The following year, Geronimo and his band of warriors were surprised by the U.S. Army at his secret sanctuary and were forced to return to San Carlos. In 1885, Geronimo fled once again. Not until the U.S. Army over took Juh's compound in 1886 did Geronimo finally surrender."


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