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Monday, December 13, 2004

Goth Girls and Pumpkin Pie Shampoo

A cryptic email from my older sister's youngest daughter leads me to believe she has finally emerged from the Goth Phase of her Alternative Girl Life --- something which pleases all of us, as it was getting pretty tiring seeing her draped in black from head to toe, and pale --- deathly pale --- a paleness especially striking, given the black eyes and hair that Mother Nature gave her (no doubt in anticipation of yet another Goth Girl flung sullenly across her small mountain of algebra homework and existential philosophy books).

The email in question stated quite simply "I like girlie things."


Now, the bunch of us aren't entirely unprepared for this shift from one stratospheric dimension to another --- my sister, after all, reported to me a week or so ago that The Family's Current Alternative Girl (as our family has a peculiar tendency to churn out Alterntive Girls and Geek Princesses, with nary a normie in the bunch) was wearing socks with a hint of pink in them.


In reaction to this email, however, I have suddenly found myself overwhelmed by the release of years of pent up frustration --- all those times I passed up the cute bunny slippers for the sedate and heavily worn volumes of depressed, anarchic, incomprehensible poetry that she so desired.

This Christmas, however, she will be getting grapefruit bath gel, pumpkin pie shampoo, bubblegum lip balm, and pink ... pink everything.

So excuse me while I put aside the blogging to celebrate the end of the Goth Phase in our latest Alternative Girl's Life.


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