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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Holidays and Good Wishes

It's been slow around the blog anyway, but I'm going to go ahead and just take the next day or so off for the holidays. I'll be roasting up coffee for presents most of the day tomorrow and going out of town to meet my Texas relatives (!) (none of whom voted for You-Know-Who and His Regime) on Saturday.

I hope all of you ends the day on Saturday with a full stomach and a contented heart and a peaceful mind and warm feet, and that your good fortune continues into the months and years ahead.

And, if you are so fortunate to have a warm place to rest your head and good food to eat and kind friends and family and a happy heart and clear conscience, please say a prayer or make an offering or send good vibes or whatever is your inclination to the Iraqi people and our soldiers and those of us who have no homes or food, including our veterans --- and please, don't forget to burn a little extra tobacco or say a few extra prayers for our elderly, given how very much they are disliked by so many of their fellow Americans --- and please, don't forget our children.


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