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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Light at the end ...

Okay, so I accidentally flunked an entire class on their exit exams --- which will teach me to keep my grading keys more carefully organized.

Otherwise, I really am nearing the home stretch. It will take a lot of coffee, come morning --- I am so completely sick of grading, I could scream and throw things and drown myself in bad whiskey --- but I will actually meet the deadline of noon Monday.

I can't wait. It was 57 degrees today, and two fellows showed up to talk to me about helping fix the barn and fencing, and cleaning out the hollow down below. They're doing this in exchange for some old building materials here, which they'll use to put up a small building for their benefit turkey shoots, community meetings and trail rides.

Yes, that's right: benefit turkey shoots.

But that's beside the point.

I have some 20-30 naturalized dogwood growing in my hollow. There are beautiful towering hickories and oaks, and wild passionflower everywhere. How did I get so lucky to end up with a place so beautiful? There's even a family of beaver down there, thanks to my proximity to water.

But, years of neglect have left my hollow overgrown with the most evil of plants: multiflora roses and bull briar. And ground ivy everywhere. It will take a tractor to pull them out. Which I don't have.

I really can't wait.

In any case, long way around to say please do bear with me --- I know the sidebars remain unfinished. And I know I've carried on for weeks now about getting the time to write about the interrelationships between agribusiness and oil, about the culture of oil, the importance of sustainable agriculture, heirloom seeds, Growing Your Own --- I know I've been horribly neglectful about the lunacy of Tom Coburn and the horrific treatment this administration is inflicting on our soldiers (and for the sake of what?) --- but I really am finally seeng the light at the end of the tunnel.


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