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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Mainstream Baptists

Thank you, Dr. Bruce Prescott for being courageous enough to speak out on your new blog.

Those of you lacking the necessary cultural or religious background to understand how way off base this new brand of fundamentalism is need to bookmark Dr. Prescott's blog and start reading. I grew up with it, so possess a near preternatural ability to spot the real thing from --- from --- from whatever it is these people are.

You know, I'm surrounded by evangelicals here --- but they're wonderfully gentle and kind and giving people. And I have relatives who are extreme religious conservatives --- the most extreme I know of being Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness, if you can imagine.

Let me tell you, they have some fabulous hair. Pentecostal Holiness women don't cut their hair, and these women are Cherokee to boot. My oh my, what I wouldn't do for a head full of that!

But that's beside the point. They're also virulently anti-war and strongly proactive advocates for the poor and the elderly and those in need. At least the ones in my family. And the ones I've had for students.

Dr. Prescott is (as you might guess from the name of his blog) is a mainstream Baptist, meaning he isn't one of this new breed of Southern Baptist (my oldest brother married a Southern Baptist, by the way --- she's a Democrat). However, he can still provide much needed information for those lacking the necessary background tofigure their way through what's going on.

This is a very good development.


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