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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Michael Lind, Moonies, the Right and the Cult of Hate

It is brutally cold outside, although the snow has stopped for now. Only a day or so ago, it was 60 degrees out. But the cold's okay --- we desperately need the freeze to kill off the ticks and weevils and borers, so I don't mind it much. I've spent the day watching the snow and buried in tiny chores --- painting the blades of the ceiling fan, jimmying the old bulb out of a halogen lamp to replace it, finding the serial number on my new, energy efficient refrigerator to send in for a rebate, things like that.

I might be quiet for a day or so. Not only is Christmas coming up, but quitting smoking seems to have propelled me into an odd universe: the universe of tiny, annoying, meddlesome chores which were never very interesting until now. I have no desire to smoke. But I can't seem to stop doing all the measly annoying chores I've been putting off for months now.

It's also been a nice prelude-to-the-holidays day. I received lots of greeting cards, a large tub of crackers, cookies and an email with pics of the new office of my crafter friend, married to a medicine man.

Yes, that's right --- her husband is a medicine man. A real one. One of the few medicine men left in these parts. Not a White Shaman Wannabe or New Age Poseur or even Indian Cashing In For Fame and Fortune -- he's the real thing --- a lifelong real live medicine man, chosen at brth and trained by all of the great medicine men who now only exist in spirit and legend.

But this is all beside the point (kind of). I'm writing because of a posting on
Dr. Prescott's blog about about some work by Michael Lind and an article on Alternet called Throw Down Your Cross.

It seems a lot of us are trying to come to some kind of understanding of just what possesses these people running the country today --- not to mention, their supporters. All I know for certain at this point is that they're crazy.

Prescott notes that Lind left conservatism because he could not remain in a movement that could see "no enemies on the right." He said the conservative movement was very careful to not offend and was openly wooing racists, theocrats, religious cultists, and neo-fascists. That laundry list alone certainly encompasses a few of the various things I've seen in this new breed of Fundamentalist/Republican --- or whatever they are these days. Seeing it in print also helps me to understand a bit more why I am so very, very confused by these people.

But it gets worse. We all know about the Right's close ties to Sun Myung Moon. The Alternet article is about Moon's movement to remove crosses from churches because of the contention that crosses serve only to divide, not unite.

Prescott, however, points out the obvious, that Moon's beliefs coincide with those of the far Right, what with his hatred of gays and support for Radical Right candidates. So the convergence is natural.

It may be the confusion we all seem to be suffering stems from the singular ideology whick binds all of these groups together --- the idealogy of hatred.

Maybe their hatred is simply so vast and blinding and all-encompassing that none of us can quite believe it yet.

By the way, the title link is to an article by Lind in The Nation: A Tragedy of Errors. It's a good overview of neoconism - ? - and worth a few minutes of your time to read. I plan to buy Lind's book, as well.


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