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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Oh my, yet another good science blog

Well, this is certainly a relief. The scientists are taking over the internet --- or maybe it's just that I've finally stopped spending all my time online reading farmers' forums and passionate diatribes about poultry (see, for example, my own favorite chicken forum, The Poultry Connection.)

The Poultry Connection is a forum I especially like because it's surprisingly flamefest-free. Are you aware that few people can get a flamewar going faster than chicken people? They positively relish a good online knockdown dragout. And they even waste their time trolling other poultry boards. They got a positively epic flamewar going across several boards about six months ago over the issue of worming chickens.

Of course, I've wasted a lot of time following them around while they troll other poultry boards, so I suppose I shouldn't be pointing fingers.

In any case, psycho chicken flamewars have nothing to do with the point of this post, which is ...

a totally fabulous blog I've just found where scientific types are blogging Know Your Intelligent Design Creationists. It's a fairly long series, and they're on Part 6 now. Just keep scrolling down the page to find more and more discussion over this issue.

d00d! The geeks are finally emerging from their dark, dingy scientific laboratories and taking up arms against the Pre-Enlightenment Nazis! Far out!


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