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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Princess Pamela's Soul Food

Okay, well, I taught my last classes of the semester yesterday and am now on the final sprint --- actually, resting up for it because I will be getting a small mountain of essays and exams to grade, come Monday.

For now, though, house cleaning has me sidetracked. In particular, trying to get as many books out of here as possible and clearing out old papers. Boxes and boxes of old papers. Piles of them. Papers which become more irrelevant by the day --- and more troublesome.

I'm allergic to dust, you see. So the papers are going in the trash. As for the books, what is sellable is going up on Amazon. What only brings a dollar or two on Amazon, however, goes to the local thrift store.

And what is unsalvagable is going in the trash. Including my ancient copy of Princess Pamela's Soul Food, autographed no less. I have no idea where this book came from, but it's been on my shelves for years. I used to use it but, truth is, I was pretty much raised on soul food :=D and we don't use cookbooks. Or measure, for that matter. :=D

I tried everything to keep from tossing it. But the cover fell off who knows when and the pages are literally swollen with dust and humidity and age. So - I tossed it.

And immediately ran up the road to get a bowl of gumbo made by the Cajun lady who works at the store.

Now I kept my copy of Craig Claiborne's Southern Cooking because it has absolutely the best blackeyed pea recipe I've ever made. And it's in great shape.

But I'll miss seeing Princess Pamela on my shelf.


At 1:27 AM, Blogger StuBot said...

I was searching online for Princes Pamela's book when I read your story.

She used to run a soul food restaurant in the west village, NYC, I found the place by accident, and kept going back until it seemed to have closed in the mid 90s.

The book currently sells online from $30-180.

Here is a great story that perfectly captures what her restaurant was like....



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