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Monday, December 27, 2004

Relief for Tsunami victims

A couple of South Asian blogs, The Acorn and vichaar.org have good listings of relief agencies for Tsunami victims. I'm sure there are many other blogs, as well as newspaper and other sources listing ways to contribute aid to the affected countries. The important thing is to make sure your donations will get to those who need it.

UPDATE: mihirbhatia at Kos has posted a diary for relief URLS here Hopefully, it won't get buried under the usual mania of Kos.

UPDATE AGAIN: Kos now has relief info front page via this post. Please contribute if you can.

I'm planning a small cash contribution, but this also provides extra impetus for my normal avenue of charity. I usually have a donation box going for the local thrift and teachers at the school down the road --- I live in a profoundly impoverished area and our teachers literally feed and clothe many of their young students. It's possible agencies offering relief for tsunami victims will eventually be asking for good clothing --- after the OKC tornados flattened the city, agencies were desperate for clothing for all the people who had lost everything.

Just remember, if it comes to this (which it probably will), the clothing needs to be good and wearable. Don't contribute rags. And get in the habit of always having a donation box going --- it's a good thing.


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