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Monday, December 13, 2004

Social Security Redux

Nick at Progressive Blog Digest has done it again --- his roundup of and commentary on the latest news on Social Security should be required reading for every voting American.

Pay particular attention to a couple of points at PBD and read the accompanying links:

"As we wade deeper into this social security mess, it's going to be important to pay attention to how much the media buys the Bush administration's fabulous new argument that borrowing a couple of trillion dollars isn't actually borrowing a trillion dollars."

"His tax cut and Social Security privatization are designed to bankrupt and delegitimize government."

Let me close by saying that, until the past couple of years, I was actually quite close to a conservative on military and budgetary concerns, although I've always been quite liberal in terms of social issues.

That whackjob in the White House and his total bungling of all things military and budgetary, however, have driven me right over the line and into blazing liberal on all issues.

Yoohoo! Bush voters! Taken a look lately at the fine mess you've gotten us into?????


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