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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Surge protectors

I just had surge protectors put on my electric meter and phone lines. I belong to an electric cooperative, so the cost was minimal --- $250.

Even if the cost were higher, though, I would have done it. We had insane storms here last spring (like we do every spring). During one, there were lightning strikes everywhere around me --- it was an extraordinarily beautiful storm --- I sat on the front porch throughout it, completely mesmerized --- but it blew out my computer, despite surge protectors inside and the computer being off. A few days later, a tornado went just south of a house my sister and I owned --- apparently lightning hit somewhere in the vicinity and caused a giant surge, which caused the wiring in the house to catch on fire.

If you live in an area that gets lightning or any other kind of violent storms, you might consider getting these protectors on your outside meter. My electric company allows you to either buy or lease (I chose to buy because the longterm costs are cheaper). And they're guaranteed for 10 years.


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