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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Sweet potatoes and grading

I just took a break from my grading marathon for lunch: sliced sweet potato stewed in homemade chicken stock with liberal gratings of ginger and a dab of butter and local sorghum.

Topping it off: home roasted coffee.

Last night, I made a thoroughly insane --- and tasty --- Thai soup with sweet potatoes, yellow onion, fresh lime and more of the chicken stock. You see, a year ago, I discovered Import Foods and, in particular, the amazing green curry paste they offer. Let me tell you, a 14 ounce container of this curry paste is a steal for only $2.99 --- it lasts forever because you only need a dab or two to get the best flavor ever. With this paste and some coconut milk, you can turn almost anything into a Thai treat.

At first, I used this curry to replicate traditional Thai recipes. Eventually, however, I discovered Thai sauces and curries are a perfect complement to Southern dishes --- especially sweet potatoes and sweet onions. It's been kitchen mayhem ever since.

And it makes the grading a bit easier. I'm proud to say I made it through about 16 of the essays last night, and am shooting for 20 today. Which means I could actually finish all my grading by tomorrow.

Whew. I love teaching. But I hate grading.

So continue bearing with me --- as soon as I'm done, I'll be setting up the new sidebars correctly and get back to my various rants about the state of the nation.


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