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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thievery and indolence as Republican values?

Entirely anecdotal evidence perhaps, but interesting (and possibly even insightful) to consider.

I've just dealt with a rash of plagiarism in one of my classes. The same thing happened last spring.

And I suddenly realized all the students I have caught plagiarizing are supporters of the radical right. One of the plagiarists has been sending me religious tomes and pro-Bush narratives by email for several months. Yet another is gung-ho over Iraq. Etc.

I have yet to catch any of my Democratic, anti-government or Libertarian students cheating or plagiarizing in any way.

I think this is something that bears watching. I don't quite have a handle on what it might mean or how to search for evidence that the underlying *values* (or lack thereof) which drive plagiarism might be a widespread phenomenon through the right. But I'm going to begin compiling whatever evidence I can about these kinds of behaviors from the voting populus (not the leadership, but the little guys), and see what I come up with.

Stay tuned ...


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