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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Time out

I'm taking a day or so off from blogging - I didn't intend to, especially as I've always found New Year's a fairly annoying holiday --- or at least, what we've done to it.

But I've hit a kind of overwhelm. Although I've seen none of the footage which I know is playing 24/7 --- I don't have television reception out here and my internet reception is too erratic to view online footage --- and although I've kind of studiously avoided the more sensationalist news outlets --- my mind has kind of frozen in shock at the sheer magnitude of the tsunami. I quite literally can't comprehend what these people are going through, which is kind of odd for me. Usually, I can empathize through a kind of odd sort of visualization of tragedies - even what's been happening in Iraq. And it might sound somewhat perverse, but that ability to kind of mentally set myself in various tragedies and atrocities has been an asset for me. It's always allowed me to understand and comprehend and assimilate, so to speak, whatever's going on.

But I'm unable to do that here. I quite literally can't wrap my mind around this or even begin to understand what the survivors are going through. I've hit overwhelm and disbelief.

But I am working on donations --- I've decided to donate to the Quakers through their service committee here. I've also cleaned out the closets and the kitchen cabinets, and hatched a flakey plan to send the stuff right to Indonesia. Apparently, however, aid agencies really dislike it when people do that, as it causes all kinds of unintentional havoc.

However, we have enough poverty around here that our thrifts and local organizations will more than welcome all this stuff.

In any case, I'll be back on the 1st --- next year. ! I'll be watching all you fellow bloggers --- and to everyone out there, have a good New Year's --- and be sure to donate, as much as you can.


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