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Friday, December 10, 2004

Two great new blogs

Two great new blogs. One, Evolving Thoughts, by John Wilkins, has a heavily scientific tilt and some good discussion over my current fave topic, which is the radical right's determination to return us to a pre-Enlightenment way of life.

The second, Left2Right, is suggested by Majikthise, who enjoins all of us to support it. Left2Right is inhabited by an array of academics and professionals. Their purpose is to develop intelligent and meaningful discourse, with a stated "aim of increasing the overall ratio of dialog to diatribe in the American political forum."

I agree with Majikthise. Left2Right has a number of people posting articles, but the overall tone is thoughtful and deliberate. And, although I'm a fan of Kos, sometimes it's a bit too much like an insane Turkish bazaar over there --- besides, half their posters are trapped in 'framing' and voter fraud. I mean, I love Lakoff but enough is enough. And I'm not saying there was no voter fraud --- but the Dems lost this one, plain and simple.

So visit these two blogs and bookmark them.


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