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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Warming up

I hope that all of you had a good holiday. Mine was really quite nice, with a single exception, all my fault. I spent most of the day suffering the consequences of gulping down a tall glass of eggnog without thinking --- it filled me up so quickly and so completely, I couldn't hardly eat anything else, or move, for that matter --- in fact, I was a bit concerned I might explode.

But now, life is returning to normal. Sure, New Year's is on its way but I don't particularly like New Year's and never really celebrate it. Other than that, however, the cold has passed, I've turned the propane off, it's sunny out, a neighbor just went by riding a beautiful, prancing, sassy white horse --- like something out of a picture book --- and all is well with the world.

At least here. The American media and adminstration are, of course, ignoring the state of Fallujah. Somewhere, in fact, I read that the residents of Fallujah are thrilled the have their city back and damage is minimal. If I can find the link to that absurd propaganda, I'll post it. That sunny outlook stands in very stark contrast to what the residents themselves are saying. But their words are dismissed as so much leftist, anti-American propaganda. Lies.

What have we come to?

Meanwhile, the freeper response to Fallujah? Some things in life are simply too important to be left to Iraqis.


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