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Monday, December 06, 2004

"We're never more than a generation away from savagery"

What a great site Panda's Thumb is for scientific wannabes, like me. I just found yet another thoughtful post over there about evolution deniers, the very real dangers they present to all of us, with those dangers including the fundamental flaws in their logic.

At first, I was put off by the title of the post, Evolution Deniers and Holocaust Deniers in a locked step because it appeared to be nothing more than yet another sensationalist lumping together of diverse, unrelated 'wrongs' in an attempt to discredit the opposition.

A more careful reading, however, revealed that Dr. GH is right, and the comparison is accurate.

More troubling is that the threat isn't limited to those of us who teach, nor to the future of science in America. It affects all of us, if only because of the nature of the underlying logic and what it means to the survival of 'modernity' (or our very way of life, as it emerges almost entirely from the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution).

I'm in the final sprint on grading but, as soon as I'm done, I want to dive headlong into some of these issues --- and related ones, including how the Radical Right is engaging in revisionist history concerning the Crusades and Inquisition --- and how all of it ties right back into their push to demolish life and society as we know it, and plunge us back into Medievalism.

For now, I am grading --- but you need to go read Evolution Deniers and Holocaust Deniers in a locked step. Expect further discussion in a week or two. Go. Read!


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