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Friday, January 21, 2005

All in all, a good day

I steered students into logical fallacies and was met by a chorus of anti-Bush rhetoric ... which I quickly contained so as to maintain an illusion of freedom of thought in the classroom --- but still. It's always good to hear spontaneous outbursts of anti-Bushism from the gigantic, bigger than you and me combined, able to toss cows over the fence, real live cowboys that the Businistas assume are in their pocket.

He. :=D

I also spent much of the afternoon observing The Physics of Backhoe. The Backhoe Dude putting in my septic is a genius, I swear. He's calculating angles, in meditative trances over the lay of the land, laying down in huge ditches he's dug to hold up a single finger and calculate how the winds are blowing --- and doing the whole thing himself. Really something.

Almost the best, however ... FAUX Pops a Gut On Air. Link via Seeing the Forest and it might take a while to catch a glimpse, due to bandwidth. But well worth the wait.

Be sure to follow the suggestions for blasting FAUX over their latest FAUX pas.


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