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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Crazy-Makers Again

Maybe it's because the backhoe dude is coming by to bid on putting in new septic (you really don't want to know what's out there now).

Or maybe it's because rumor has it a giant cold front's moving in.

Or it could be that my experiments last night with my new ice cream maker were so successful that I ate four bowls of ice cream.

Or maybe the news really is that crazy and I've gone that far beyond the point of disbelief that people could possibly be this stupid.

Whatever the case, all I seem able to do this morning is to stare sullenly at words, lots of words, knowing that common sense doesn't matter anymore.

Anyone else catch the irony here? Wall Street support is crucial to Mr. Bush's plans. Financial firms would end up managing much of the money that people would be allowed to divert, under Mr. Bush's approach, from payroll taxes to personal accounts.

Or here? President George W. Bush on Monday named Allan Hubbard, an Indiana businessman and major fund-raiser for his presidential campaigns, to serve as one of his top economic advisers, the White House announced.

Or the simple clarity of so many of the reasons why. On a spring day, Susan Lawrence was flipping through a magazine, Home School Digest, when she came across an advertisement that took her breath away. In it, ''The Rod," a $5 flexible whipping stick, was described as the ''ideal tool for child training." [...] Many of his customers returned for more rods, and cited the Scriptures when they made their purchases, he said. Bullock's convictions about corporal punishment are shared by many religious leaders. James Dobson, founder of the group Focus on the Family, one of the nation's prominent Christian evangelical organizations, has written about the proper use of spanking for children who willfully disobey parents" and here: We found that, particularly for males who had never had any psychotherapy, when they reported a high level of childhood punishment, they were significantly more likely to endorse a range of punitive public policies and from the same site: "Grogan-Kaylor said that: Even minimal amounts of spanking can lead to an increased likelihood in antisocial behavior by children .... This study provides further methodologically rigorous support for the idea that corporal punishment is not an effective or appropriate disciplinary strategy."

Lord save us from your followers.


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