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Friday, January 07, 2005

The Crazy-Makers

From Washington Post:

Cornyn, R-Texas: "President Bush and Judge Gonzales have both unequivocally, clearly, and repeatedly rejected the use of torture. But is there anyone here today who would fail to use every legal means to collect intelligence from terrorists that can save American lives? I certainly hope not."

Picture it: I claim to be adamantly opposed to physical abuse. I grab you, slam your head against the wall and knock you around, all the while claiming I'm doing it for your own good and because I love you. But because I also claim to abhor physical abuse, I cannot acknowledge this as physical abuse. So I must reframe it --- it is mere discipline, necessary for bringing you into the fold and done because I love you.

The perfect recipe for crazy-making. I love you so much, I am forced to beat you within an inch of your life. But I do it because I love you. And therefore, it is not abuse.

Lakoff may actually be on to something with his strict father metaphor.


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