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Friday, January 14, 2005

Fireplaces and oil and agribusiness and whatnot

I'm going offline til tomorrow --- not that I've been online much today, given I've been teaching a good 60 miles from here --- but I managed to nab a really nice fireplace for next to nothing. So it's getting installed tonight. But that means I'm going to have to move the computer again which is going to be a real problem because the computer room is being used as a bedroom right now and the bedroom is being used as a plant room (don't ask) right now so the computer's going to have to go in the kitchen for a while til I get the backporch built using these handy little things -- and let me tell you, when you live on up and down hills made of pure rock, these handy little things are the only way to go, unless you like using dynamite and jackhammers.

In any case, when I get back, I want to get myself back on track. I'm in a dither over The Evil Abu and Social Security and basically everything right now --- but I have longstanding snits going about agribusiness and big oil and the importance of local economies and whatnot, and it's time for me to get back on track and find some way to integrate them with my ragings over Evil Abu and the Puppetmasters.

So a day away from the blog will be a good way for me to step back, take a look and get myself headed back out in the right direction.

If you're lucky, I'll have some pictures of my two favorite geese who are living over at the abandoned, poorly concealed survivalist camp down the road.

See you in a day or so, unless that idiot Bush does something really idiotic. Which he will, of course.


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