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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Good Gawd, They're Not Just Crazy Perverts, They're Freepers

Dear God: Either lead me straight down the road and right to temptation in the form of a nice big pack of cigarettes or teach me NOT to click on any link which might put me in contact with Freepers.

You know they're crazy. I know they're crazy. They support sado-masochistic torture, creationism, pedophilic Baptist preachers (the excuse: well, no one ever said Christians are perfect!), bombing every nation into oblivion especially if it will bring about the Rapture a bit quicker and a whole array of perfectly demented, perverted and bizarre beliefs.

Now however: the tsunami or Saddam --- which is worse? And was the tsunami God's way of showing he likes us so much more than those Muslims!

Via Progressive Blog Digest: the freepers being freepers.

Oh GAWD. That's that. I'm going dow to the store to get cigarettes.


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