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Thursday, January 13, 2005


A year or so ago, I was invited to join a small, private internet forum composed of so-called liberals with so-called progressive values and enlightened attitudes.

They seemed a pleasant enough bunch. Oh sure, there were a few cracks in the veneer, but I assumed those cracks were merely a product of my own foibles and neuroses.

But I was wrong. And I discovered just how wrong when I foolishly posted about an invitation to join a local assistance organization. I've done a lot of work with groups like that over the years and was excited about the prospect of doing yet more of it.

My excitement, however, was not shared by the members of the elite, private, so-called liberal with so-called progressive values and enlightened attitudes group. Instead, they descended upon me like piranha on a wounded gosling tossed into the churning wild seas.

They insisted my first plan of action must be to install Bally-style gyms. Then, I must stop everyone in this area from having babies --- immediately! --- because, as we all know, procreation should be restricted to the white upper and upper-middle classes of affluent Northestern cities and villages. Preferably only Episcopalians and Presbyterians, although Catholics and Jews might also be allowed to procreate, depending on their political stance and bank balances.

No joke. I kid you not. Slight exagerration --- but not by much.

And no amount of explaining the organization was about getting new roofs on elderly people's homes and handicapped ramps onto the porches of the disabled, trying to alleviate in some immediate way some of the most pressing effects of the entrenched poverty of this area --- hungry elders, families without the funds to bury an uncle --- none of it got through.

I won't even get into their insistence that we deserve agribusiness --- we deserve to suffer the environmental and economic devastation wrought by Tyson and similar corporations.

The kicker came, however, when I was told this entire area of the country should be bulldozed under.

I left in disbelief, but not before seeing their lengthy posts enjoining me to stay because I need their help --- and their angry, pettiness when it became apparent I had left them.

How dare I violate their self-perceptions of superiority and progressive values!

In any case, Steve Gilliard was a constant topic on this forum. One thread ran a good 50 replies long as they agonized over his spelling errors and grammatical flaws. Steve, how could you, what is wrong with him, well he obviously has psychological problems and can you believe his pathological anger and arrogance in refusing to fix his spelling errors! How dare he, how dare he, they would cry.

As a result of their obsession with Gilliiard and their determination to psychoanalyze his every move [his spelling errors are certainly a sign of his grandiosity! no, he's obviously got some kind of rage disorder!] --- as a result of this, I have avoided Gilliard's blog for months, certain that these nitwits were an active part of it.

I finally checked him out last night, however.

He's good. And he's funny.

So I'm adding him to my blogroll.

Let's just hope this doesn't garner me the attention of the nitwits. Although I doubt it does.


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