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Friday, January 07, 2005

Meanwhile, the consequences of the corporate climate

Anyone who even considers the possibility that privatization is a good idea should take heed. Yet another pension fund bites the dust.

Judge Lets Airline Toss Contract

"Alexandria, Va. (AP) - The head of the flight attendants' union says it's enough to "send a chill up the spine of every working American."

A bankruptcy court judge in Alexandria has canceled the collective bargaining agreements between Arlington-based US Airways and its machinists union.

The ruling offers the airline hundreds of millions of dollars in annual savings, enough that the airline says it can now stave off liquidation.

The judge also approved a request to terminate the pension plans for machinists and flight attendants, declaring that even a billion dollars in potential savings over five years may not be enough to keep the bankrupt airline alive.

The president of the flight attendants union, Tommie Hutto-Blake, says he's outraged that the "balance of power" seems to have shifted to protect bankruptcy laws and executive salaries.

The termination of the contract with the International Association of Machinists would result in pay cuts of up to 35 percent for union workers and the loss of thousands of union jobs."


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