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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Dave Johnson of Seeing the Forest implores the Blogosphere to shout it ftom the rooftops.

He notes Chris Bowers' Armstrong Williams is a Crack in the Matrix and that this kind of a payoff from the administration to the press has happened three other times ... that we know of.

quote: We need a blog drumbeat on this story until the "mainstream press" has to cover it. This is a BIG DEAL. This is our government paying right-wingers to repeat right-wing propaganda. It is a major crime. And it says a lot about what has been happening in this country! WHO ELSE IS BEING PAID? AND WHO IS PAYING? /end quote

Now believe me, Blogosphere, I understand waxing and waning in our outrage --- we're not crackpots like Rush, we lack the antisocial personality disorders of the Spankers amd Floggers, we abhor the characterization of sado-masochistic rape and torture as playful hijinx, we find Abu Gonzales reprehensible --- we understand the need for reflection and meditation and time spent just watching the critters out back to recharge so we don't become them. We have a conscience.

But he's right. Like the spiraling continual inevitable deterioration in Iraq, like privatization, like The Evil Abu and Death Squads, like all the rest, we have to keep after this.

Let's kick their asses clear to Mars. There's a reason big media is so strangely silent on Payolagate. Maybe it's time we start trying to get to the bottom of why.


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