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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Race and the Theocratic Right

A nice overview, complete with links to info about some of the seminal figures in the current winger crusade for a white Christian nation. Blumenthal connects the dots in the carefully [read: purposefully] convoluted relationships between neoconservatism, the Radical Right and good old fashioned White Supremacy.

I found this bit particularly interesting:

"There's not point in trying to call Olasky a racist since on matters of race, he habitually employs the neo-conservative tactic of couching his reactionary racial views in arguments against affirmative action, while boasting about his adopted black son. Here, he writes about his adopted son, Ben, for the American Enterprise Institute: 'Sure, it would be nice to have more people whose skin looks like Ben's in responsible positions of all kinds. But thinking of my son's welfare has also made me toughen my position on quotas. Ben needs to learn the value of hard work and self-reliance, and anything that makes him think there is another path to success will harm him. People cannot be colorblind, but governments in their official actions should be.'

"Yes, Marvin, your son will learn the value of hard work while your right-wing think tank money smooths his path through private school and college. I guess those other black children not fortunate enough to get adopted by white, Scaife-subsidized propagandists and therefore wind up in prison just don't understand the value of work. Those lazy black folk!"

Interesting how common this phenomenon is among the radicals.


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