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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Scheming on Home Improvements

Sometime last night, it snowed here. I'm assuming this is the same snow that positively paralyzed Tulsa around noon yesterday --- Sister Scorpion has posted gripping pictures of the consequences of this major weather event.

I'm no fan of snow, especially the pitiful excuse for snow we get around here. In fact, I'm scared of it. But it's a great excuse for staying in the jammies and thinking about home improvements.

I've already poured huge amounts of money into the place over the past couple of months: new septic and a tornado shelter, drapes, a fireplace, energy efficient appliaces. And I'm not finished.

The next two projects: fencing and a back porch.

The problem: I don't want to pay for them. So I've hatched a plan.:

Every cent I save not buying gas station coffee or gumbo from the Cajun lady up the road or socks or plants in need or whatever will go into a separate savings account. And, when there's enough money in the account, I'll put up new fencing and a back porch.


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