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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Speaking of which ...

Spring is definitely on the way here. Not only are there honeybees flying around inside my place, but legislation has been introduced to make strawberries the state fruit of Oklahoma.

I personally think either huckleberries or elderberries would be a better choice. But having just ordered very nice strawberries from Forest Farm (along with the elderberries, and concord and variegated grapes I ordered) --- and loving nothing more than a freshly picked, at the peak of ripeness strawberry --- although blueberries come might close, as do ... well, I like them all --- and living a mere 15 miles from the center of a huge annual strawberry festival, I think they'll do quite nicely as our state fruit, and I wouldn't mind a bit.

Which reminds me --- I also want to plant a huckleberry patch. Next year, next year!!


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