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Sunday, January 23, 2005


I just ate a plate of oyster mushrooms plucked only an hour ago from one of the mushroom patches in the plant room (don't ask).

I sauted them in a bit of olive oil and garnished with the closest thing to salt I eat: Braggs Liquid Aminos. A truly tasty brew, similar to soy but better, I think.

While in the plant room (don't ask), I noticed the ornamental pepper I got last fall for a dollar is blooming. It's actually three pepper plants, but I didn't want to separate them until they'd recouped from whatever hell they'd been through.

I've also been corresponding by email for a few days now with my former certified organic farm friends --- we're having dinner next week to exchange seeds --- and I'll be bringing home a couple of chickens. The chickens will live in my combination potting shed - raised bed - grape arbor that I built last spring from the strangest old steel building out in my backyard area (I say 'area' because I have another few acres of land out behind me here).

I can't wait. I miss having chickens around.

In another few days, I'll be ordering elderberry plants (Black Beauties) and grape stocks (Concord, to go with the Niagaras I planted last year). Not sure of everything I'll be planting, but I know I'll be putting tri-colored pole beans and some kind of squash along one fence, and loofah and birdhouse gourds by the blueberries. If I can get the greenhouse fixed, I'll be starting chard and edible chrysanthemums in there, along with some other stuff.

Of course I'll have giant moonflowers for the trellis on the front porch, and strawberries, sage, pinks and morning glories for the other side of the porch.

One garden already has thyme, echinacea and sage going --- it's the one with the grape arbor.

I still have a lot more planning to do, however.

I absolutely can't wait.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Leila M. said...

I want those grape leaves!

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Cookie said...

OMG, dolmas? Is that what you call them?

Can you use wild grape leaves? I spend half my time cutting down ancient wild grape vines --- they'll kill trees, seriously! HUGE vines with tons of leaves.

The young vines don't produce a lot of leaves, at least not yet. Although the Concord might be quicker growers than the Niagra. In any case, they're yours!



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