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Monday, January 10, 2005

Tide turning?

Only a bit perhaps, but ...

I began the day with a quick glance at the headline WaPo:"Democrats United" to Oppose Bush over at Kos.

Hmmm. A somewhat pleasant thought, but I'll believe it when I see it.

I then went to my first classes of the semester --- today's the day when I get up in front of the classes and see how many I can scare into dropping.

Along with the other requirements and scary edicts, I whomped them with my usual "any use of the Bible or any religious as a weapon of hatred against any individual or any group will result in 'F' for the course." But I added a twist this semester, inviting those so inclined to the use of the Bible and other religious texts as weapons of hatred, inviting these Christian Crusaders to turn me in to Students for Academic Freedom.

Now, my students are usually pretty receptive to this --- for as conservative as rural eastern Oklahoma is, it isn't Alabama, believe it or not, or even western Oklahoma (gag!).

However, I got a nice surprise today when, after a short silence, one student raused her hand and said "Why aren't any of the churches speaking out against what's going on?"

Yes! YES!!!!

So maybe --- just maybe --- we're seeing the beginning of widespread, diverse in origin, real live opposition to the fruitcakes and fascists who've taken over the country.


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