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Friday, January 07, 2005

We are our own Chemical Ali, Part II

Via Plutonium Page at Kos: Ex-FBI agent claims nuclear coverup: the Rocky Flats story,

Story in LA Times: Nuclear Weapons Site Still Unsafe, Says Ex-FBI Agent --- The man who led the raid on Rocky Flats calls plans for a national wildlife refuge there irresponsible. Officials deny the allegation.

Quote: "DENVER — The FBI agent who led the raid on the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant in 1989 charged the federal government Wednesday with deceiving the public about cleanup efforts at the facility and said plans for a national wildlife refuge there were irresponsible.


Lipsky said the FBI muzzled him when he tried to discuss Rocky Flats and punished him with a transfer from Denver to Los Angeles after he testified before Congress in 1992 about the nuclear facility. He retired last week. A spokesman for the Justice Department was unavailable for comment.

"It would be a grave mistake for anyone to rely on what Justice or the Department of Energy said about the level and extent of contamination at Rocky Flats," he said. "The public needs to ask for a congressional investigation. Maybe we will save a life." "

Has anyone else here ever read Almanac of the Dead? And is Silko's *vision* looking less and less like literature, and more and more like simple reality to you, as well?


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