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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wednesday Night Garden Chat: Bokashi, Raised Beds, Suppliers

For a week or so now, I've been resisting the temptation to get on here and rail at the bunch of you about composting. Especially because I've discovered an exciting new substance which you can either purchase or make yourself.

I figured I was already driving you all crazy, though, so I held myself in check ... until I saw that Sister Scorpion is blogging about raised beds --- and one look at one of her links sent me right over the edge.

Where have you been all my life? Truly one of the loveliest raised beds I've ever seen, certainly putting to shame the ones I've tossed together from all the old lumber and sheds around this place. So it's time for me to take advantage of my now completely backhoed - tractored - and - bobcatted backyard (the septic dude really loves his trucks, believe me -- he may not have a home to call his own, but he must have $3-400,000 worth of bulldozers, backhoes, dumptrucks and who knows what else, all of which have been parked out front here and used out back over the past week) --- it's time for me to take advantage of his not simply putting in new septic (for almost nothing! and code, too), but completely rearranging, releveling, smoothing out and gentling the landscape of my back yard.

Which means real live raised beds.

Which gives me the opportunity to suggest you all check this out: Bokashi, an amazing substance made from fermented wheat bran which allows you to compost everything, including meat, dairy and bones. And which breaks it down quickly. The link shows a handy little appliance which also allows you to drain off the juice --- now, I haven't tried that yet, but am planning to this year.

I'm very excited about this because it allows me to compost without attracting every critter for miles around.

I also wanted to be sure you gardening fanatics out there know about Garden Watchdog. Now I prefer either trading seeds with people I know or buying mail order. I buy mail order because I live so far away from everything and don't like having to drive all over the place to get what I need. And Garden Watchdog has lengthy customer reviews of all the mail order places, including germination rates, prices, customer service, quality --- the important things.

I know people in the North are months from spring. But us down here, it's just around the corner and now's the time to get busy. I just got a bunch of new flats for starting seeds and small transplant pots --- the next step for me is figuring out where I'm going to start the plants given the plant room (don't ask) is full to the brim.

Down here, I can see new buds on my tiny lilacs that I haven't yet gotten in the ground (blushing) --- the blueberries are rearing to go --- the bees have woken up and are buzzing around furiously looking for some food.

It's just around the corner here. I can't wait!


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