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Sunday, January 23, 2005

While I'm looking forward to spring, however ...

Once in Iraq, Resta's brigade was assigned to the Army's 1st Infantry Division and stationed in northeast Iraq. Insurgents attacked the camp with rifle and mortar fire two or three times a week. One time, an 8-year-old Iraqi girl was riding in a vehicle that bypassed an Iraqi National Guard checkpoint. An AK-47 round passed diagonally through her stomach, shredding her internal organs. She was brought into Resta's camp for treatment. He remembers her long, brown hair laying across her lifeless body.

Resta says that aside from treating these kinds of injuries, his commanders would not allow the medics to treat everyday ailments of Iraqi citizens they came across during patrols.

"We were told that the Army did not have enough money to be giving out free medicine," says Resta. "And that the Iraqis would have to get used to their own health-care system anyway."

On Tuesday, Resta began classes at Philadelphia Community College, where he's studying nursing. He says his Guard recruiter conveniently forgot to tell him that his college benefits would end when his contract expired. Though that contract expires next February, Resta has three and a half years of school left and he expects he'll have to take out even more loans to complete his degree.

"You would think there would be some provision to at least give me back the benefits for the two years I was on active duty," Resta says angrily. "But nope, there's nothing."

He could re-enlist for another four years to get full benefits, but in all likelihood, he would once again be pulled out of school and redeployed to fight a war he doesn't believe in. He plans to talk to a lawyer associated with Iraqi Veterans Against the War to pursue a possible lawsuit against the National Guard for his lost benefits, but even he admits it would be a bit of a publicity stunt. For now, he plans on pouring his energy into antiwar campaigning. He has his first public speaking engagement at the Collingswood, N.J., public library Jan. 28.

"People are always coming up and thanking me for my service," he says. "It makes me angry. We're not doing anything over there except sitting around waiting to get shot."

It is beyond my abilities to understand the justifications being given for this stupid war.

It's time to draft a few Republicans' kids. Including the Bush twins. No more living high off the blood and tears of others.


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