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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Doodling around with the template

I've actually managed to finish all my grading --- meaning no grading over the weekend and light grading next week consisting of a thoroughly insipid quiz I give to all my classes this time of the semester merely to separate the wheat from the jive-ass slackers. After which my grading load should be much, much lighter --- although it may take a midterm whammy to really clear things out.

I actually like my students --- really I do! But I despise grading, so the more I can boot to the curb, the happier I am.

Rather than using this windfall of time to attend to the tasks piling up around me, however, I'm going to doodle with the blog. I figure I put nice new shower heads on both showers today which took me two days because I had to take them apart to get out the water saver device and forgot how to put them back together, so I've done one major and troubling household task already today. Even though I should be caulking or finishing painting at least one of the rooms I have halfway painted.

But I'm going to doodle with the blog instead. And maybe do some Googling to see if I can determine why one of the large hairy beasts takes such pleasure in standing over his foodbowl and alternately howling and barking.

I'll be back later with some whackjob Christian information. See, I've managed to crack a subterranean network of cracked Militant Christians, thanks to a post I found this morning on Orcinus. Holy cow! They're making no bones about being the Christian Taliban either. What a bunch of crackpots. Worse, just like I anticipated upon its initial release, they're scamming off Lord of the Rings imagery.

Just think, these fruitcakes are now running the country.


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